Overcoming Strongholds: The Path to Freedom

Horse-Sunset-Freedom-900x1440Own your issues, but don’t adopt them. Often we usurp our path to mastery over our issues because we adopt them as extensions of ourselves. When we own our issues we take responsibility for them in order to overcome their place in our lives. When we adopt our issues we grant them a place to take up residence.

One powerful tool we utilize to adopt our issues is to name them. We may give them the name of a disorder or agree with the counsellor or doctor who named our disorder. Now we have expert opinion that the issue is a part of our identity. It is difficult not to align with the experts. It is much easier to adopt the issue and learn how to manage it rather than how to master it. Sometimes we name them a personality quirk. Or perhaps we grant it genetic status, “it runs in the family.” Or we may link it to gender or age. Each time we give it a reason to be in our life, we adopt it as our own pet issue.

Now that our issue has a name, we can protect it. It’s the endangered species that everyone wants to poach. Our job is to protect it, and by protecting it, we increase its power over our lives. We research it to justify its presence in our lives. We search the family tree, we consult the experts, and we find every article that validates it. We poll public opinion. We form a support group.

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