Worldview Bulletin: Becoming a Thinking People: Slicing Through the Polarized Views

The last few days of 2019 found me suffering with the effects of a bad cold that had me sleeping instead of watching the ball drop as we passed into the now infamous 2020. Little did I know that instead of a year of 2020 vision we would have a year of great confusion, deep divisions, a health crisis, economic uncertainty, social turmoil, and a mad dash for toilet paper!

Despite such a tumultuous year, I have experienced deep enjoyment of the Lord and all His bounty. I have found joy in the smallest of things, a well-made sandwich, a juicy strawberry, a walk along the shore or around the block on a pleasant evening, or a great conversation with my husband. When all the fast-paced parts of life are sidelined the important things come into focus.

I have paid close attention to the ensuing cultural battles polarizing our nation. I watch the dueling swords wielded with unrestrained tongues. I see the fearmongering and shock tactics, the victim mentalities, and carelessness and strife in social media posts.

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Testing the Christian Worldview

surveyA number of years ago a survey floated around the internet that professed to tell you if you had a Christian Worldview. It contained some doctrinal questions one would consider mere Christianity, but it also provided many questions of a political nature. To acquire the highest score, one would need to be a mainstream American Christian evangelical conservative Republican. At the time, I achieved a high score.

If the Christian worldview could really be assessed by a few dozen questions, discipleship could be measured by Christian SOL’s. Do not start sharpening your number two pencils. The Christian Worldview is not a set of polarized political views owned by evangelical American Christians. When we make political views the litmus test for the Christian worldview we cripple the power of the cross by politicizing it. Read more