LGBT: The Two Ditches on the Road to Truth

keep-calm-and-keep-between-the-ditchesPursuing a good thing for erroneous reasons can entangle the road to success with dangerous snares. When we reject the good thing because of our rejection of the erroneous reasons we are bound to be entangled in a different set of traps.

I’ve read some great responses to the overreaction of some in the evangelical Christian community to the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Much of our despair has been linked to fear of God’s judgment on America or the end of Christianity as we know it in America.

We forget that Christianity flourished in the Roman world which was teeming with sexual sin, worship of pagan gods, and the persecution of Christians. It is true that Christians do not require a Christian culture to be the salt and light of the world. We shine brightly in darkness. If we are not shining, it is not the darkness that is the problem. Paul was no less free in chains than he was without them.

However, here is where I part ways to a certain degree. We begin to lose our footing when Read more

American Cultural Entropy

Conspiracies are far more exciting than natural causes. Conspiracies provide mystery and protagonists we can fight against. It is easy to draw the battle lines of war against a well-defined foe. But what if we are waging war with a myth? In that case, all our weapons are being jettisoned on a paper target.

American Christians have been waging cultural wars against a mythic force that has supposedly robbed America of our founding principles of freedom. We believe our faith is being stolen from us by a myriad of groups working together to de-Christianize America.

It is expected for believers to look for a designer behind all things, whether that be God, man, or the forces of darkness. But what if our American problem is not caused by the presence of a designer, but the lack of design? Perhaps we are experiencing the mounting problems of a nation that has lost its spiritual heritage because believers stopped replicating that heritage in our own lives. We took for granted that a biblical civilization could not continue without Christians in its high places of culture.

American evangelicals became enamored with the return of Jesus as an escape from the problems of the world, and stopped being the solutions to our national problems. Schools, hospitals, and even our government is a product of a Christianized worldview. None of these things can be sustained without the practical teachings endemic to Christianity.

We only preach enough Jesus to get people saved, but not enough to undergird our economy, educational institutions, health care, and government. The only reason secularists run all of these institutions is because we stopped thinking like Christians.

God gave man dominion over the world. Non-Christians aren’t doing something wrong by shaping culture. They are doing what humanity is designed to do. We expend a lot of energy trying to get them to stop, instead of leading the way by demonstrating the Kingdom in every facet of life.

America did not exist when Jesus gave the Great Commission. It is, in many ways, a product of that Commission. But even if America were the most desolate place on the planet, the Kingdom of God demonstrated by the Body of Christ can transform it into a great nation. There is no nation, city, town, or community on this planet that is too dark for the Kingdom to completely transform.

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