CLASSIC REPOST – Redeeming Nationalism

The Devil likes to redefine and repurpose words so that we reject them and lose their intended purpose in the process. He has attempted to hijack the word “nationalism.” The word has become politically and racially charged because it is being used incorrectly.

We first saw this with Hitler when he tried to make the world German. But what Hitler was doing was not nationalism, but imperialism. To quote Author, Speaker, and Reformer, Vishal Mangalwadi, “German Fascist imperialism was able to hijack words such as nationalism in the 20th Century, because the Nineteenth Century German theology undermined God’s Word. That separated words such as ‘nation’ from their base in the Bible.”

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Nations, Empires, Globalism . . .

American-Flag-Government-PaWhat is a nation and why does it matter? Nations are a biblical idea. Empires are a worldly idea. But today we face a new challenge, globalism. Globalism is a secularist idea derived from a perversion of Christian ideals.

God promised Abraham to make him the father of many nations. Israel was the first prototype nation. As a nation, Israel would bless many nations.

A nation is one people, united under one language, government, and occupying one land. A nation has borders. The land without those borders does not belong to it. The land within the borders does not belong to the nations outside of it. Read more


SteepleI used to think in terms of absolutes. Grey areas were uncharted waters I did not want to explore. I thought truth had to be absolute with clearly defined borders. I am the type who colors inside the lines. I needed naturally defined parameters. I did not like to free-style anything. If there is a book, I wanted to do it by the book. Still, that is my inclination, but now I fight that inclination.

I found out that God is bigger than my absolutes. I found out that knowing Him was something more than knowing right things about Him. And that the more I behold Him the more I will have a better picture of who He is. A graven image can be in my mind as easily as it can be shaped into wood. God is too immense to define, He can only be described. We cannot make absolutes about Him, for He is the Absolute. He does not conform to any definition, rule, or condition we attribute to Him, but to every attribute that is truly His nature. He governs Himself by Himself. He is always Himself, but we are not always ourselves. He defines truth for us, in the living person of Jesus. Read more