Where is your hope?

235065a3c5a39e64e7fb49673014c0ffThere is hope for America no matter who is elected come November 8. The White House may be the seat of political power, but it is not the seat of the Lord’s power. The seat of the Lord’s power is in our churches. The power to transform our nation is the same power that birthed our nation. It’s the same power that fueled The Reformation 499 years ago.

Initially there was no American government to give freedom to America. The people learned to govern themselves in freedom from the Bible. It was from that place of freedom that our Founders wrote a Constitution to protect this nation from abuses of such freedom. Read more

Testing the Christian Worldview

surveyA number of years ago a survey floated around the internet that professed to tell you if you had a Christian Worldview. It contained some doctrinal questions one would consider mere Christianity, but it also provided many questions of a political nature. To acquire the highest score, one would need to be a mainstream American Christian evangelical conservative Republican. At the time, I achieved a high score.

If the Christian worldview could really be assessed by a few dozen questions, discipleship could be measured by Christian SOL’s. Do not start sharpening your number two pencils. The Christian Worldview is not a set of polarized political views owned by evangelical American Christians. When we make political views the litmus test for the Christian worldview we cripple the power of the cross by politicizing it. Read more