Thinking about Donald Trump

downloadDonald Trump invokes a plethora of different responses from the public. I believe one could write a good article on why Donald Trump should not be elected President. I also believe one could write a good article on why he should be elected President. This article is neither. I am writing this article because of the lack of thought behind almost every post I read where Trump is concerned. (There are a few great voices making some great points for or against Trump). Read more

Christian Schizophrenia

Who am IWho am I? Many social labels profess to answer that question. The answers will likely reference religion, politics, careers, hobbies, passions, and familial roles as well as national, regional and ethnic identities. Each of these categories of identity formation carries a particular way of looking at life.

As Christians it is important to know which identity carries the most weight. Much of the Church is in an identity crisis because we do not know what worldview we are drawing upon to inform our thinking. We often choose a package deal. Sometimes we do not choose at all. We are tossed around by whatever view has the greatest influence over us. It may be our political party, our economic class, or our profession. It may be a mixture of all three and then some.

No person is immune to the strong affiliations brought by family, region, ethnic culture, education, economics, politics, and religion. When we, as Christians, discuss what ought to be the chief influencer of our worldview, the answers are likely not to stray from God, Jesus, or the Bible. But when we get down to it, do our denominational or non-denominational views inform our way of looking at the world to a greater extent than Jesus does? Does our political party affiliation inform our worldview, or does our worldview inform our politics regardless of what line the party is toting? Do our pet doctrines have more weight than the rest of Scripture? Does our interpretation of the end times color how we see everything else in Scripture and the world? Read more