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An enemy is not needed to destroy a great civilization. It can self-destruct by forgetting the ideas that made its language, literature, family, education, politics, economy, laws and judiciary great. Many feel the need to re-form America that no longer knows what is love, marriage, divorce, male and female, family or nation. In this powerful premier, Karla Perry explains what made America great in the first place and how it can again become a blessing to its citizens and a light to the world.

Vishal Mangalwadi
Author of The Book That Made Your World

Karla has important insights into some of the critical issues of our times. She has the ability to articulate them in an interesting and engaging way that is also practical.

Rick Joyner
Founder and President
MorningStar Ministries

The Reformation of America, by Karla Perry, is both insightful and inspiring, and I highly recommend it. Karla demonstrates a strong grasp of history, the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, Christianity, and current affairs. She weaves these together in a provocative and powerful way to create a literary tapestry that is majestic and memorable.

Dr. Bruce Cook
Chairman, KCIA

When I read the manuscript for The Reformation of America by Karla Perry, I was struck by the depth of research and the quality of writing. As I read this informative book, I found myself encountering points of history I did not know and received a wise and Spirit-led engagement with that history. Karla’s book is an important read for any follower of Jesus Christ who desires to know their place in the current reformation that is taking place in our nation and the events that brought us to this pivotal moment in our national history.

Garris Elkins – speaker, mentor, and author of The Sound of Reformation.

It takes an accomplished thinker and writer to capture these milestone leader’s lives and accomplishments in such a highly readable book. I do not know where you can find such an inspirational read every time you crack it open. I highly recommend the scholarship invested into it and the disciplined focus in its organization…needs to be in every leader’s library!

Dr. Joseph Umidi
EVP Regent University
Founder, Lifeforming

At no time in the last 500 years has the understanding of reformation been so clearly and poignantly captured. Through exploring some of the greatest and most critical turning points of America’s history, Perry brilliantly articulates centuries of complex cultural progression into its simplest form. As leaders we must know and understand the times and season we’re in in order to wisely discern the critical role we can play in the formation of America’s destiny. The Reformation of America is a deep and genuine dive into the ripe landscape on which we now stand; poised for the ultimate fulfillment of a vision now thousands of years old. Though many have been waiting on the next great move of God, there are many who believe that God has been waiting on us. Now is the time for our courageous ‘yes’. We are about to be set as a nation high upon a hill. Perry passionately invites us into this calling.

Anna Kramer
Founder, Commissioned



“I’ve read many great books, but not many that I think everyone should read. This is one that I think everyone should read. It is powerfully written, but it is more than that–it is true and it is on time.”

Rick Joyner, Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries 

Like a surgical strike, Back to the Future targets the faulty thinking that has enfeebled our nation, and teaches us how to think in ways that promote a prosperous future. This book is about rediscovering what made America great so that we can return to these principles, and therefore, to the once solid foundation we were built upon. The reader will engage philosophy, universities and education, history, science, journalism, family, and the church. With each topic we will travel back in time to key points where we deviated from our nation’s foundation to discover where adjustments must be made to get us back to the future God intended for America.

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