Back to the Future 3D 1 (1)

“I’ve read many great books, but not many that I think everyone should read. This is one that I think everyone should read. It is powerfully written, but it is more than that–it is true and it is on time.” ∼ Rick Joyner, Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries 

Like a surgical strike, Back to the Future targets the faulty thinking that has enfeebled our nation, and teaches us how to think in ways that promote a prosperous future. This book is about rediscovering what made America great so that we can return to these principles, and therefore, to the once solid foundation we were built upon. The reader will engage philosophy, universities and education, history, science, journalism, family, and the church. With each topic we will travel back in time to key points where we deviated from our nation’s foundation to discover where adjustments must be made to get us back to the future God intended for America.

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