Maturing Your Worldview

Worldviews provide an infrastructure for thinking. Most of us have not built out a large enough infrastructure to house the truth God wants us to live out. Modern Christians operate in a very small sphere. Eternal truths are put in a spiritual box divorced from practical truths of life that matter in the physical world.

The eternal truths that matter are often the following: salvation; telling others about Jesus; reading your Bible for spiritual nourishment; giving to the poor; going to church; and perhaps things like stewardship, spiritual gifts, Christ-likeness, etc. These are all good, but they do not go far enough as our edifice is way too small.

Truth reforms cities, nations, businesses, organizations, education, health care, agriculture, industry, engineering, manufacturing, architectural development, economies, government, military, prisons, mental health, families, marriages, child development, court systems, justice, and the practice of true liberty.

We have put truth in a container that only fits the individual believer’s spiritual life. The ultimate goal is salvation for assurance of eternity in heaven. Earth is merely the waiting place for our real purpose which is to sing Hosanna before the throne for all eternity. The new heavens and new earth – an earth made new – rarely comes up in any sermon we listen to or book we read.

We have embraced a gnostic gospel where the physicality – all of creation – the earth, our physical bodies – are all inferior to a spiritual existence in heaven. In fact, we have placed streets of gold and the lion laying down with the lamb into heaven – instead of where Scripture places them on the restored earth. If you carefully examine the popular texts used to describe heaven, you will find it describes a new earth.

C.S. Lewis writes that heaven and earth are to be more like a centaur one day than a horse and rider. They are to meet and work in tandem the physical and the spiritual – a new Eden. Therefore, Jesus said to pray that His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. We have changed this to pray let us come to be in heaven and leave behind this wretched earth.

Our worldview has to grow large enough to actually bring heaven to earth. It must grow beyond manifestations of healing and Holy Spirit supercharged meetings to affecting the entire world with His Kingdom in all areas of society.

Bringing the Kingdom of God to America is not simply praying and repenting for our past and present sins. It is not simply calling out for revival. It is not endless meetings where the Spirit saves, heals, and delivers. It is applying God’s truth to the economy, to business, to industry. First, we must learn God’s truth about economies, business, marriage, justice, etc.

Marriage goes beyond me and my spouse – to a stable family which is a part of a stable nation. Marriage has to work for the community of believers, for cities, for nations, for the health of the economy for generations. It is not just about what makes me happy and what I want to work on or not. It is about the entire community of believers we are joined to and the nation of which we are citizens. Without a robust worldview we make everything about our personal salvation and if it does not affect that we pretty much are free to do as we please. Not so. This is not the Christian way of life. The Christian way of life raises the standard of living in such a way the world takes notice.

When the plagues hit Rome, the Christians took care of each other and survived the plagues better than the populace. Being Christian made a difference. This is how it should be. Our lives should be different not just because we love God – but because we live God’s way and that has God’s results.

The more our worldview expands, the more we can learn what it looks like to live God’s way in all the areas we have grown our thinking to include – work, recreation, marriage, family, education, burial, home, church, the city.

What are you going to do this year to expand your worldview? Here are some practical things you can do.

  1. Read Books. Read books on topics you haven’t read before. Read a biography about an important world changer. Read history. Read about different industries that make up a nation. Read old books. Read from outside of your time – but read truth – read that which expands your worldview in the right direction.
  2. Read Magazines: Read about the world around you – The Smithsonian or Foreign Affairs or World Magazine. Read something that tells you what is going on in the world that is not just the sound bites from media.
  3. Get around people. Learn from people who are successful in the real world. Don’t isolate yourself.
  4. Read the Bible: But not just for personal meditation. Read thinking about how these truths shape the world.

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