Denouncing Deconstruction

Deconstruction is not a Christian practice. Truth comes from divine revelation. It is received, it is not constructed. Theology is not the practice of constructing truth, it is the practice of applying true revelation to every area of life.

Some applied theology has taken centuries for a culture to change the way it thinks to accurately apply the truth. We have seen this in how Christian societies have shifted from people who persecute heretics to a people who enumerate civil law to protect freedom of religion. We have seen this in being a people who believed we are all created equal and yet did not apply that theology far enough to include those we were presently enslaving. It was the same theology that Jefferson enshrined in the Declaration of Independence that Martin Luther King, Jr. would draw upon to awaken a nation to correct civil rights injustices of rampant racism. In each of these instances, we did not deconstruct our worldview, we repented. We changed the way we think to align with a greater application of truth.

Today many Christians are practicing “deconstruction” – a word borrowed from a philosophical persuasion called postmodernism. Deconstruction properly understood is the unraveling of all layers of “social construct” – anything which resembles something someone somewhere said was true and getting beneath it to find nothing in its place.

Postmodernism began as a lingual analysis. English professors have their students deconstruct a text. I know because I was an English major. I’ve participated in this practice with great protest. The author’s words have no meaning. The author is considered dead and irrelevant. The meaning is what the reader deconstructs. We pull it apart. Judge it. Give it our own meaning. Or declare it as meaningless. Whatever our created product becomes is what it is for us. The next person may arrive at something entirely different. There is no way to judge. There is no ultimate meaning. There is simply text unraveled endlessly into whatever form or lack thereof happens when we are done deconstructing.

Even the word “done” is relative for the process of deconstruction is never done. There is no finished text. There is no ultimate meaning. There is just the process of removing the layers never to arrive. In fact, there is a sense that one does not even arrive at nothing as nothing would be too concrete of a something to arrive at. Arriving is not the point. The point is there is no point and yet one does not arrive at the conclusion of no point.

As you can see there is nothing Christian about deconstruction. We do not deconstruct our faith. We do not deconstruct the Bible. We do not deconstruct what our pastors or parents have taught us.

This is not to say we accept all we have ever been taught or thought we knew as the complete truth. We are always to grow in truth. For the Christian, this practice is repentance. We change the way we think to align with truth. In so doing, we move with truth and toward truth leaving behind old ways of thinking that did not quite line up with what is true.

Unlike postmodernism, truth is really there to be found. If you seek truth you will find Him. There is an absolute core Truth who is there, and He is not silent. He eternally speaks. He is very fond of words. He spoke the world into existence. He spoke to Adam and Eve. He spoke to Abraham and to Moses. He wrote commandments, gave law, and sent His Word into the world so that His Son could be known. He spoke through the prophets of old, he spoke through his scribes from Moses to Paul to John. He is still speaking. His words are not to be deconstructed, they are to be received, meditated upon, internalized, applied, lived out in real life in every way conceivable.

Deconstruction leads to abandonment of truth. Repentance leads to abandonment of lies in exchange for truth. Avoid the trend of deconstruction, choose repentance for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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