Diminishing Distinctions

When we see truth in a non-Christian worldview, we see what it adopted from what is real, what is true, what is Christian. We did not need to go to that worldview to find it, for it is already present in what God has revealed as true. They borrowed from truth, not the other way around. We notice it only because we know what truth looks like as the Holy Spirit and Scriptures are our tutor. However, when we borrow what is not Christian, what is not true, from a foreign worldview we borrow that which belongs the prince of lies. We borrow that which deceives, binds, destroys, and not that which gives life, dignity, and freedom.

The distinctions between what is Christian and what is not are quickly being lost in time because of a lack of discipleship. If we do not transmit these things on purpose generation to generation, they will not continue to bless our nation. Modern Christians are looking for another Gospel. They are looking for something more than the remnants of a truth they have not been discipled to know. They know what they have is not enough, so they look elsewhere–thinking the Church, the Bible, their parents, Christian books and literature have failed to have the answers. Secularism has so discipled the Church that Christians are looking elsewhere for answers. They borrow from atheism criticizing Scripture. They borrow from Buddhism seeking a more robust spirituality.

They try out the ways of the world because maybe Christians are wrong about all those things it forbids. Arguments abound about it not being about walls, borders, distinctions, and doctrine. But what happens when all the distinctions are destroyed? What happens when I do not know if I am an animal or a human? A boy or a girl? A woman or a man? A machine or a human? A human or a god?

What happens when I get to be a god who decides these things for myself and extends freedom (albeit a false freedom) to choose for all to be who they want to be? What happens when the State decides how to classify me? Will the State choose for me to be a human made in the image of God? Or will it decide I’m no different than then an animal – property — it can enslave?

How many distinctions are we willing to destroy?

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