The Ten Commandments Matter

Are the Ten Commandments relevant today? Many are arguing that they are not. They argue that Jesus, the Word made flesh, is the replacement for the words written in stone. The new covenant replaced the old, making the old of no relevance in our lives today. The problem is we have siloed the law into the narrow package of individual salvation and righteousness. Since the law does not make us righteous, we think the law is of no consequence.

The Ten Commandments hang in court rooms across our nation for a reason. If the Ten Commandments are not relevant today, then why should someone be tried for murder? On what basis should a society empower a man to judge another man and convict him for murder? On what basis should an employee be charged with embezzlement? Or does it still matter today that “thou shalt not murder” that “thou shall not steal”? How about that “thou shall not commit adultery?” This was once prosecuted as a crime in our land. Now we make it easy with no-fault divorces because the Ten Commandments are not regarded as they ought to be.

Sin is not just in the hearts of individual people. Jesus saving our souls does not root out all the sin that is in our institutions. Discipling of nations in God’s truth uproots it from our institutions. What does “thou shall bare false witness” look like in education? Perhaps, school systems that do not reduce standards to bolster ratings for their school.

We have marked secular what God has not. The institutions of a nation are under God’s jurisdiction. The separation of the institution of the church from the institution of the state does not make the jurisdiction of the state godless. It only makes it free to operate without church leadership controlling it or vice versa. Truth is still paramount.

We have marked obsolete what God has not. We do not know that these laws of our land are not common sense. They are not universally discovered and agreed upon as atheists argue. Christians are borrowing much from atheists. I used to have arguments about the relevance of the Bible with atheists, now I have them with Christians. Who is discipling who?

The laws of our land came from the laws of our God. They came from the law of Moses. If you study the history of our nation you will find our heritage is rich in the Bible. The Ten Commandments are crucial to our way of life. They are indispensable.

10-commandments-Bradford-County-Courthouse-Starke-FloridaConsider a man standing before the Judge in criminal court. The prosecution informs the Judge the man is on trial for murder. The Judge responds that there is no law that condemns this man of murder, our righteousness is found in Christ Jesus not in the law and orders the man set free. What kind of society would we be then?

Dangerous authors and teachers are promoting a Gospel that does not include the Old Testament, the law, the Ten Commandments, some have also knocked off Paul leaving only the words in red. Theology is far larger than soteriology (theology about salvation), it is larger than our eschatology (theology about end times). Theology matters to every single aspect of life in heaven and on earth and the merging and relationship between the two. When we try to fit it into a narrow container of individual salvation, we shove it into a package where it cannot be confined. The Kingdom of God does not fit into individual salvation, but individual salvation fits into the Kingdom of God.

The world knows we are a Christian nation built on Christian Scriptures. We deceive ourselves to disregard this fact because of national wounds or abuses. China is looking at Christianity because they see that Christian nations flourish. Arab nations refuse to join treaties with us as our treaties are Christian in comparison with Islam. We think we are secular, everyone else knows we are Christian. If we remove the Ten Commandments from our way of life, we will become pagan and susceptible to anyone with a stronger worldview to remake our nation in the image of a foreign god.

Forsaking the Ten Commandments is a dangerous and foolish exercise. I ask you to tread carefully before you remove a vital fence when you have no idea why it was put there in the first place.

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