Truth Has Borders

I’ve heard it said that heaven has no borders. This is not true. Heaven has borders because truth has borders. Heaven is distinct from that which is not heaven. There are things that heaven keeps out – sickness, death, sin, darkness. These things do not exist in heaven. The Kingdom has borders. There are things that are Kingdom and there is that which is not Kingdom. Jesus has borders. He is distinctly the Son of God, The Savior, The Light of the World. He is Truth. He is the Way. He is the Life. There is no darkness in Him. There are no lies in Him. He is the Son of God. He is not the Daughter of God. Other ways do not blend to become His Way. He is the only WAY to the Father, and no one comes to the Father but by Him.

Even though God fills all – He is not all. God has borders. There are things He is not. He is not created. He is not a graven image. He is not made of stone. He is not made by human hands. He is not me. He is not you. He is not a blade of grass. He is over and above His creation. The mystery of the Incarnation does not change the nature or stature of God. He is still not the same as His creation even though it is Christ in us that is the hope of glory.

Without borders there is no other. There is no identity. There is no me. There is no you. There is no God distinct from my own being and creation and so no God. God would not be the I Am as it would be more like One who is and yet is not for there is no way to define the existence of One who is all in one big cosmic soup that has no borders.

Even the name of the Lord is a border. He is Jesus. He is The Christ. Each name ascribed to Him carries an identity of what He is and is not. He is not a generic Divine One. He is not a foreign god. He is not a cosmic force of energy. He tells us who He is. Peter and John knew Jesus was the Messiah because the Father revealed it to them. Moses learned God’s name because God revealed it to Him. He did not name God.

Doctrine matters or we begin to lose shape of our own identity as we get lost in the quagmire of undefined fluid borderless sameness in efforts to be equal and to equalize all other ideas and self-proclaimed identities.

Truth is and always will be exclusive of non-truth. Therefore, there are borders to our identities, to God’s identity, to a nation, to a man, to a woman, to a marriage, to an animal, to a human, to a baby, to the government, to my yard, etc.

The devil wants to remove our borders because he wants to remove our identity and God’s identity so that we are powerless to live in the truth that sets us free from his lies.

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