A New Reformation

Christian culture is shifting in a myriad of ways to embrace the idea that the Gospel is bigger than personal salvation. We are beginning to see that its scale encompasses institutions, cities, and nations.

We are not talking about The Church swallowing up these spheres, but that God cares about nations. His truth is not confined to how we do church and how we live our individual lives but expands to how nations function. We are not looking to create, or at least we ought not be looking to create, another Christendom, but an expansion of the Kingdom into all spheres of society. There is a difference.

Christendom gave worldly power to The Church which used that power for its own dominance over culture. The Reformation broke up this power, but it also changed the influence of Christianity upon culture. Instead of dominating through power, it cultivated a society based on biblical truth. The kingship of all believers meant that each believer applied biblical truth to all that they did in life.

The Bible informed marriage, education, governments, economics, banking, technology, science, history, literature, and artistic expression. These were no longer controlled by a central hub but influenced by a central truth.

The Reformation infused culture with biblical truth.

We are living in an era that requires a new reformation. We have not maintained the work done in society and we are experiencing its decay. It is not time to give way to darkness, it is time to restore the light. It is time for a new Reformation.

I love the supernatural, follow the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom power and love element of Christianity. That is my tribe. The movement for Reformation will need every bit of this sort of Kingdom living. However, it cannot get where it needs to go without a strong intellectual component. It is essential that we cultivate healthy biblical theology applicable to every single area of society.

Reformation is discipleship of institutions.

The Holy Spirit can open doors and provide us with amazing prophetic words to release yale-university-1604159_960_720over city officials, universities, national leaders, and Fortune 500 companies. But once we are through those doors we need to be well equipped to serve these leaders and institutions with truth. That will mean knowing how that sphere operates and how to bring biblical truth to enhance the productivity and the cultural climate of the institution in alignment with truth.

Truth is the serious business of heaven. Reformation must be heavy laden with true truth to do the work which will give life to our cities and nations.

Reformation works differently than revival. We cannot just substitute one word for the other. They operate on different systems. Revival is grassroots. Reformation is top down. Revival is waiting for God to move. Reformation is God waiting for us to move. Revival is salvation oriented. Reformation is discipleship oriented. Revival reconciles people to God. Reformation reconciles nations to God’s truth. Revival emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit. Reformation emphasizes the Truth of the Scriptures. Both are important. But if we do not know their distinctions we will not be successful in either. Revivals can heal the heart of a nation, but it takes Reformation to heal the mind of a nation.

Revivalist do not need to be reformers. And Reformers do not need to be revivalist. We will not be very good on a mission we were not assigned to be on. Reformation is not to be a buzz word. Reformation cannot be treated as the new trend.

If we are going to fulfill The Great Commission to disciple nations, reformation is the way forward to bring the teachings of Jesus which are the teaching of the entirety of Scripture to all spheres of society. The cross masterfully hitches the Old Testament to the New Testament which is where we find our foundations for human dignity, justice, equality, and liberty for all.

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