Facts in Context of Truth

The Christian worldview is the best home for facts. The idea that one can have “just the facts” with no framework to judge them except “objective” human common sense is the worldview of naturalism. It is not Christian. We must get away from the idea that there is a neutral worldview. Truth runs deeper than mere facts. It involves interpreting the data within the framework of what is good and true. It is not imposing a cultural idea on the facts, it is receiving true truth from God’s written revelation.

As Christians we infuse God’s meaning on the conception of a child, calling the child a baby. Scientific investigation cannot provide that designation without operating through a Christian worldview. Instead modern science operates in the worldview of naturalism, defining a baby as tissue. The goal is not to arrive at a neutral worldview, but at truth. Truth does not come through naturalistic descriptive facts isolated from the bigger picture of God’s revealed truth.

The antithesis of a true worldview is a false one. There are gradients of how close a worldview comes to truth in various areas of its formation. Many Western worldviews borrow extensively from the Christian worldview. However, many Western worldviews are borrowing from other sources such as Enlightenment philosophers or eastern mysticism. Christians are not immune to false worldviews as they influence our institutions faster than our theology influences the world’s institutions. In so doing, we borrow heavily from the thinking of our age when we should have a very distinct way of looking at the world that is frequently in tension with the world’s way of thinking.

There is a difference between our being at odds with the world, and our way of thinking being at odds with the world. Living in truth means practicing truth in our daily lives. It means we are cultural conundrums to those watching us. We are to live in such a way that the world is asking us why we are doing life so strangely. Why are we not engaging in false advertising to beat our business competitors? Why are we telling the truth even when it hurts? Why did we wait until marriage to move in together? Why did we forgive our spouse even when they did something wrong to us? Why are we not being vindictive to someone who hurt us? Why are we speaking kindly and respectfully about politicians on the other side of the aisle?

The Christian worldview is both about how we think and about how we behave. God’s way of life has no neutral ground. There is no area of our world or of our daily lives that God does not have truth for it. The biblical Christian worldview is comprehensive of all of life. Each fact belongs inside it.

One may argue that what is commonly deemed “the Christian worldview” is a far cry from a Christian worldview. I am not speaking of a narrow Christian worldview that is specialized and limited to one subset of Christian thinking in the modern age. I am advocating for both the restoration of Christian holistic theology and the development of Christian theology for all of life. There are many areas of our thinking that have never come under a Christian worldview. The idea I want to convey is that that we are not to borrow from worldviews with non-Christian philosophy. We want to seek truth, develop truth, and live in the truth in all areas of life.

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