What is Reformation?

The evangelical vernacular has adopted and old word “Reformation.” For many our thoughts immediately go to The Protestant Reformation. We think of Martin Luther and the 95 Theses being nailed to the door of the Wittenberg Church in what would become the nation of Germany. This history is not only church history, but world history. The world changed through The Reformation. It did so because biblical theology came to bear on the practical world of institutions.

Today the term is used in conjunction with the historical meaning, but we are no longer talking about a protest, but a return to an integrated truth. The Church has been crying out for revival, asking the Lord to heal our nation. But we have not been applying the
truth God has already given to us that created our nation. I’m writing specifically about America. Biblical truth has molded many nations, but this is the one that I know.

Reformation requires developing theology for all areas of culture. John Amos Comenius is the father of modern education, but who are his theological sons and daughters? Who is developing theology for a nation’s educational institutions? Right now, university education is changing to conform to a faster modern way of gaining an education. Who is theorizing how best to design undergraduate education that will equip a nations citizenry? Education is not only about content, but about its system of delivery and cost required to pursue education. These are things we need to develop Christian thought leadership on. If we were on the leading edge of educational structure, we may also be consulted on matters of content.

Theology is not merely for church doctrine, so we know all the right things to believe to undergird the salvation of our souls, it is truth for the whole world. It is public truth that affects cities and nations. The word that best describes this transformative integration of biblical truth is Reformation.

To be continued . . .

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