The Authority of Scripture

The worldview of the Bible is the worldview of Jesus. They are not in conflict. The Bible is the truth because Jesus is the Truth. The Bible is the written revelation and Jesus is the person of Truth Himself to which the Bible points. (Post) Modern Christian authors are confused into thinking God is in conflict with His words where no such conflict exists. The conflict that exists is the university training these Christians have conflated with truth and applied to the Bible to judge it and rewrite it.

The Bible isn’t subjected to human culture – it is that revealed truth which transforms human culture. In a world of myth, it came forth as history. In a world of gods, only the Scriptures spoke of the one true holy God not made by human hands. He alone is the God who is not silent. These very same Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation have given us the modern world. Its truth has developed the previous undeveloped world.

Today too many books can be found amongst Christian books where the authors seek to impose postmodern thought on the Bible removing its authority while believing they are appealing to the higher authority of Jesus Himself. Yet they erroneously quote the Scriptures as the authority that they are not the authority. They will say Jesus says He is the way, the truth, and the life (not the Bible) but this is known because of reading the Bible. Certainly, He is the Truth, but we know it because it was revealed to us in writing.

This does not make the Bible the substitute for our relationship with Jesus. If we were to think the Bible is the source of eternal life we would be making the same error as the Pharisees in Jesus day who searched the Scriptures to find eternal life and did not recognize Him when He stood before them. The Bible is not to be an idol nor a relic. It is the inspired words of God, not the Person Jesus who is the Word of God. One does not negate the authority of the other.

If the President sends a letter stamped with the Presidential Seal to someone, that letter is the words of the President and not the President himself. One would not argue that the letter lacks authority of the President, it is the President’s words written down.

Bible-on-a-pulpitSimilarly, the Bible is the authorized Scriptures from God written through men inspired by the Holy Spirit. These Scriptures have God’s seal on them. Thus, the Bible is the only book in the world that has the power of true truth that all other ideas are subject to as it is the only one authored by God.

God’s revelation is good and true. If we question his written words, how are we not questioning also The Word made flesh. Are we not asking the same question asked in the Garden, “Did God really say?”

Why has it become difficult for Christians who believe in the miracle of the virgin birth and the resurrection to also believe in the miracle of divine revelation written down correctly into the Holy Bible? I suspect the miraculous is not the issue, but that parts of Scripture conflict with our modern worldview and we choose our modern university-trained thinking over the truth that created the modern university.

We began to believe the trends of our day instead of the truth and have found a long roundabout way to dismiss God’s truth in favor of the modern view of love devoid of truth. We then consider God’s Word the traditions of men and our words the thoughts of Jesus because we moderns have a much better handle on love and goodness than those mere men who wrote the Bible. Yes, I’m being sardonic, but we must wrestle with these topics.

To lose the authority of the Bible is to succumb to postmodernism. This path will only entrench us in paganism not truth. The world has already rejected the Bible as true truth, but if Christians join the world in this we shall no longer be the preservation in the world. The Bible as authoritative true truth gave us the modern world, the loss of it will return us to the pagan world.


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