America, Christianity, and Avoiding the Ditches

I have loved American history since I was a child. Preserving the stability of my nation is a deep passion of mine. America is my homeland. In so doing, I wish to address a topic that we face today in modern theology. There are always ditches on either side of truth.

One ditch is to equate all things Christian with all things American. When we do this, we make America the center of God’s plan and its strength or weakness the barometer of our end time theology. Doing so creates fear at elections, and at the moral climate of our nation for we think it directly tied to God’s count-down to the end of the world as we know it. We tend to spiritualize everything to the extent where we are uncertain where politics end and Christianity begins. The two get so intertwined and lost in each other that we equate our Christianity with a political party making the “other party” not Christian in comparison. We are then judged, not by our works, but by our votes.

Now here is the rub. There is a ditch on the other side. Cultural millennials and those


who take up their cause, reject this politicized Americanized Christianity. Good, and so they should. But, when we react to the abuses of something we often over-correct our course and veer deep into the ditch on the other side. My goal is to turn the wheel back to the road.

I’m finding many voices of reaction steering the ship away from politics and nation building altogether. They advocate the alternative is the Kingdom. The Kingdom being the realm of God that is not for this world of nations, governments, economies, but of God’s business of solely transforming hearts and minds to produce love and justice. The chief value of this group is justice for the marginalized. And yet this has its own political strappings. They are just different ones than the politics this group rejects.

What is lost in this narrative, is that the Kingdom is not OF this world, but it is FOR this world. That God wants this world to function with healthy economies, governments, institutions, education, and free enterprise. Nations are a product of biblical Christianity. The American model is indelibly shaped upon the biblical precepts brought to light by the Protestant Reformation.

Great nations are created when God’s truth is employed in every level of society – not by force – not by power of politics – but by teaching all that Jesus taught and immersing the nation in the fullness of the Godhead.  (laws and politics play a part – but are not the end all).

American-Flag-Government-PaI was in the first ditch I described for many years. I pulled out and did not form a new norm on the subject for a number of years. I did not want to risk the ditch again. But I began to see that there is a healthy view of loving my nation and serving her. There is a biblical mandate to disciple my nation and work to bring stability as this is what the Kingdom does. It establishes God’s truth wherever it is manifested on earth. My job is to be that manifestation in every area of influence that God opens for me to walk through.

I hope that believers in all nations would have the same passion to serve their nation to see it blossom in the fullness of the Kingdom becoming a great nation under God. Great nations serve other nations. But we have to tend our land if we are going to produce a harvest to share. The ditch on the other side would have us neglect that core nation building theology and in so doing will having nothing to share with the nations they want to help and the marginalized they want to support.

Maybe you are in one of these ditches. I implore you to look into this topic more. Learn about what God says about nations. Read The Book That Made Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi. Learn how the Bible does not just save souls of individuals, but souls of nations.

Let’s stay on the path and avoid the ditches.

Back to the Future: Rebuilding America's Stability

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Also watch my interview on Prophetic Perspectives here.


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