Worldview Development, Part 3

Truth does not change, but our worldview should. If our worldview is not changing, we are not maturing in our knowledge of the truth.

Repentance is changing the way you think to line up with or turn around to truth. Practicing repentance changes our worldview. Thus, our worldview ought to be changing as we mature. If we still think the exact same way we did a few years ago, we are not practicing repentance.

When we learn something new it does not necessarily fit in to our worldview like a missing puzzle piece. We may have the wrong piece already wedged into that slot. We already thought something about the subject and either intentionally or unintentionally placed a bad piece into our puzzle.Here is what usually happens. We learn something new. We recognize it as truth. Some never take another step with it. It may get jotted down in a notebook and never thought of again. Or it gets considered further and adopted into our worldview. We add the puzzle piece and claim it for the way we think. It is rare to be such a one who would assimilate it on the first hearing of it. Most of us need to hear it many times before it can truly be considered added to our worldview.

But what happens when there is already a thought in its place? That puzzle piece that steel_puzzle_sphere_11.jpgdidn’t fit is wedged in there pretty tight. You didn’t budge it by adding another piece, it’s more like you shoved it in next to it, but not hard enough to dislodge the previously held belief.

A new piece of innocuous information will easily knock loose a bad piece of a similar value. We thought the dinner party was for 6:00p.m. but upon rereading the invitation we find it to be at 7:00p.m. The old information is quickly replaced with the new without any difficulty.

However, when we find truth that we believe with our head, but not our heart, we try to agree with it in our thoughts without allowing it to expel the lie we hold dear. When this happens, we must actively believe the truth in word and deed until the lie has been expelled. The repentance process is active and intentional until our mind is renewed on the matter.

puzzle-piece-solution-7200720I frequently notice that we adopt a doctrinal truth without adopting the ramifications of that theology. We agree with the truth, but not really. The old paradigm, we may have grown up with, is alive and well. The new belief requires an overhaul of the existing ideas, but we merely add it to our existing worldview. The newly found truth is held in isolation to our bigger worldview and does not affect it with the change it requires. The old wine-skin doesn’t hold the new truth.

This is why I advocate not to agree with a new truth too quickly. When we don’t wrestle with the new we adopt it without truly benefiting from its inclusion in our worldview. I aim to be familiar enough with my worldview to know when I encounter something true that would cause me to have to do some work on my worldview to make room for it. I want to change my thinking to line up with the truth. I am the nerd that finds this process quite fun. However, I didn’t get here without a lot of struggle. When we break through an old entrenched way of thinking it can hurt to push through to freedom. Truth always sets us free. It’s worth the hardship to get free.

To be continued . . .

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