Nations, Empires, Globalism . . .

American-Flag-Government-PaWhat is a nation and why does it matter? Nations are a biblical idea. Empires are a worldly idea. But today we face a new challenge, globalism. Globalism is a secularist idea derived from a perversion of Christian ideals.

God promised Abraham to make him the father of many nations. Israel was the first prototype nation. As a nation, Israel would bless many nations.

A nation is one people, united under one language, government, and occupying one land. A nation has borders. The land without those borders does not belong to it. The land within the borders does not belong to the nations outside of it.

In contrast, an empire does not respect borders, it swallows up the land around it growing by war or political alliances always gaining more ground. It will have many people with many languages. It will force its government on all conquered or assimilated lands. Its power knows no bounds. In the Bible, Egypt was such an empire. In history we can look to Rome and later to Japan in World War II, the USSR, and Nazi Germany. We also see this in the Middle East where ISIS wants to establish a caliphate thereby establishing one sovereign entity that does not acknowledge the sovereignty of the individual Middle Eastern nations.

Globalism presents a danger that prevents the stability of nations to hold off the growth of empires. In Globalism, land, sovereignty of government, and borders are not acknowledged as such. We want to remove boundaries and be one big conglomeration of global people who stand for everyone while effectively standing for no one. It’s largely emotive and fueled by tolerance. It has no self-identity as it assumes all identities as if one could.

Where Empires take land, Globalism gives land by removing borders. It adopts all world religions while losing that old time religion that protects the freedom of all religions. We cannot bless nations if we have nothing from which to bless with. Today we look at the power of the United States and we think we are some Empire run amok trampling over the rest of the world and we lean deeper into globalism to try and course correct. We think inclusivity of people, relaxed borders, tolerance, and assimilation of world religions will bring us into a new era.

Consider a family living in a home. The home has a garden in the back yard and a stocked pantry and plenty of guest bedrooms. The neighbors begin to climb the fence and help themselves to the produce of the garden. They enter the doors of the home and enjoy food from the pantry. They use the water, electricity, and gas. They borrow the car. The neighbors’ children move into the empty bedrooms. Soon the family will not have any food or money to pay the utilities and mortgage. The house falls into disrepair. The family and the neighbors are starving. This is globalism on a small scale. It is unsustainable. Unless you guard the borders of your property you cannot be a blessing to your neighbors. It looks like love, but it is only idealism that will soon leave you penniless.

Only a nation with strong borders, self-identity, a good government, and a united citizenry can sustain freedom and be a blessing to other nations. Once those borders fall, the nation cannot bless others for all it has will be plundered. God wants great nations that are a blessing to other nations.

How we vote tomorrow will have a lot to do with what world we create. Do we want the globalism of the liberal agenda or be more in line with a biblical nation? The choice is ours. Choose wisely.



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