Where is your hope?

235065a3c5a39e64e7fb49673014c0ffThere is hope for America no matter who is elected come November 8. The White House may be the seat of political power, but it is not the seat of the Lord’s power. The seat of the Lord’s power is in our churches. The power to transform our nation is the same power that birthed our nation. It’s the same power that fueled The Reformation 499 years ago.

Initially there was no American government to give freedom to America. The people learned to govern themselves in freedom from the Bible. It was from that place of freedom that our Founders wrote a Constitution to protect this nation from abuses of such freedom.

The Constitution cannot be sustained without the Bible. The answer is not in making the White House do the work of the Church House. We don’t make disciples through politics. But we do change politics by making disciples. We don’t finagle the government to be an arm of the Church in the nation, but discipling the nation will include a discipled government. We err when we believe that we must Christianize our government in order to save our nation, we also err when we think God’s truth does not extend to our government. There is a difference between the Church trying to disciple the nation through political power and the government being discipled with truth as part of discipling the nation.

We vote because we care about our nation and we want to see it function in the healthiest way it can. We can’t be idealists, but realists. We have what we have before us and the Lord grants us the wisdom we ask for to cast our vote.

The Lord does anoint those who do in fact lead our nation. Our job is to pray that they operate in accordance with the Lord’s anointing. Our job is to respect and honor the elected leader despite our political preferences. Now is a good time to set our hearts and minds in order to do so no matter who is elected. Either potential President will make good and bad decisions in the course of his or her presidency. Will we be believers who demonstrate that the fruits of the spirit are evident in our lives or will we be believers who allow politics to rob of us of our identity in Christ?

We cannot expect the White House to be discipled with truth, while we disciple ourselves with our politics. We do not preach the Gospel of American Conservatism, we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom works in secularized America just as much as it worked in Romanized Europe. The light dispels the darkness no matter where it is found. Darkness has never once succeeded in extinguishing a light.

Don’t forget to Vote on November 8th, but remember that Christ in us is the hope of glory!



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