Theology Is For You

theologyJust because we believe in Jesus, does not automatically mean that we think like Jesus. We believe in Truth, we also need to think with truth.

Theology is not for the intellectual professors and theologians. It’s not for the people who like to read thick books. It is for every Christian. It is for every area of life. The way you think is the way that you go.

Theology is thought about God and life that has been carefully constructed by aid of revelation, nature, and reason. Good theology should be in line with the Bible (revelation), science (nature), and clear right thinking (reason).

We know that the Bible does not cover every topic known to man, but its revelation does provide the framework from which to address all things. Doing theology is what paved the way for science. It is the Bible that informed us that nature is not mystical and therefore able to be studied scientifically.

When we do not have a theology for something, it remains undeveloped. Our modern Western world is built on the applied theology of the Protestant Reformation. But because we don’t know that, we think it simply a product of human advancement. Medicine, science, technology, history, universities, law, business, and free nations, all grew out of good theology. For more on this read The Book that Made Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi.

Our daily choices are a product of good or bad theology. Consider this list of practical daily living that is affected by our theology:






Yard Work




Church (going or not going)


Health and well-being

The daily thoughts that go through your head

Honestly, this list could include thousands of items. If we do not have a theology for rest, we will stress ourselves out with work. If we do not have a theology for taking care of what God has entrusted to us, our home and yard will reflect it. Our theology will inform our church participation or lack thereof. I recently wrote an article on the Theology of Nations that will be published soon by the Oak Initiative and in the MorningStar Journal. If we do not have a theology for nations we will not maintain them as such.

When we have our theology thought out and applied properly we have a framework that protects that area in our life. Even when all the stresses of life beat against it, it will not collapse because it is built stone by stone upon the solid Rock of Truth.

If we have good theology about church we are less likely to allow it to become something we exclude from our lives. If we have thought out the place for rest in our week, we will be more likely to make a space for it.

Also if our thinking is off in the area of fundamental biblical doctrine, it will have a huge impact on our way of life. We can’t leave theology to the theologians. It’s not as intellectually out of reach as we may believe. If it is, it is not good theology.

We each have theology that affects us for better or worse regardless of whether we have intentionally developed it. If we develop it on purpose, we won’t be at its mercy. We will have established truth in our lives and be walking according to it.

Try it out. Take one thing from the list about and think about what your theology is for it. Then examine that theology. Is it biblical? Is it sound? Is it good thinking? Run it by others who have thought it out before and see if it makes sense. Continue to build on it as you learn more and more of the truth about the matter.




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