8 Things to Consider Before Watching Tonight’s Presidential Debate

dog-watching-tvThe nation will be tuning in to watch the first Presidential Debate tonight. Chances are most of us have already chosen who we will vote for. For many of us the debate is more like a boxing ring to see how well our candidate of choice will dominate the floor.

There is a segment of the population that will be chagrined at the election of either nominee. Their candidate of choice will not be on the platform tonight. Others are fearfully voting one way to avoid voting another. Some people are firmly aligned with one candidate or the other.

Regardless of what group we are a part of, we can apply a few guiding principles when watching the Presidential debates.

  1. Neither nominee is the enemy. Both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are created in the image of God and are fearfully and wonderfully made regardless of their worldview, politics, and religious beliefs.
  2. The world is watching how we respond to those we do not agree with. We can constructively engage in thoughtful commentary about the issues. However, when we get into disgust, outrage, knee jerk reactions, belittling, or any other form of disparaging comments we show the world we do not have love.
  3. We will not find the savior of America or the anti-savior in either candidate.
  4. God is not in control. God is not sovereignly dictating the outcome of this race. When we hear bad news we say “well, God is still in control.” God has given the earth over to humanity. He gave us dominion over the earth to cultivate it, disciple it, and nurture it in alignment with His ways. He is not doing this for us. He did not do it for Adam and Eve and He is not doing it for us.
  5. The answer for America will be the same for us now as it is the day after the Election. It is the same as it was when American was first birthed. The Election, while important, is not the harbinger of our future.
  6. We are not waiting for a move of God, or a godly President. We don’t have a godly candidate because we have stopped producing men and women of the caliber that can lead in a manner like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan.
  7. We are the move of God. If we want to see a great America, we have to be a great people. A people of great families, churches, business, industries, charities, and universities.
  8. Our only hope is not God. Our only hope is Christ in us the hope of glory. It is when our relationship with Jesus is lived out in the real world that we see transformation of that world. We are not waiting for God to save us. He already sent His Son to save us. His Son said it is finished. Why are we waiting for Him to do it again? Live out that salvation in this earth and you will see the earth filled with His life.

I urge you to keep these important principles in mind as you watch the debates. If you feel anxiety rising remember that this is not the defining moment of our nation’s history. We are the defining moments. Jesus told us to be anxious about nothing, not even Presidential Elections.

It’s good to watch these important debates and be informed about our nation, but not because we fear what is coming, but because we are good citizens who participate in our representative government. Let’s demonstrate Christian kindness and civility as we sit before our televisions tonight and watch the first Presidential Debate.


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