Rekindling Hope in a Dark World

light-of-the-worldThe Western world has run amok, but I am not going to react to it. We have all heard of the violent acts in Florida, Dallas, France, Baton Rouge, Germany, and now Florida again.

The best thing I can do in response is to stay the course that God has called me to travel. I will continue teaching people to honor those in authority and to respect all people regardless of race, class, gender, or religion. I will not become reactive, distracted, or intolerable in response to current events.

Before the families have been notified, social media surges with political opinions and demands. We can denounce such violence all we want, but it will not stop it.

Frankly, I am more concerned with the responses and lives of Christians in this nation than I am the damage wrought by terrorism. The best way to defeat foreign ideologies that breed death and destruction is to be followers of Christ who are armed with truth and love. The number and severity of these horrific attacks will not change the answer the world requires.

Please understand me; I am not asking us to ignore the world by being super-spiritual. I’m asking us to be Jesus in the world. Do not let these violent acts rob you of your peace, joy, or love.

The world does not need more people who stand up for Jesus. It needs more people who live like Jesus. We do not need to wait for a move of God: we are the move of God.

We keep praying for God to come, but He has already come. He put his Son inside us so that He comes every time we show up. He is forming Himself in His Church. This happens in the context of community. When we live through all the muck and mire of relationships we grow in maturity as Christ is formed in us. When the world sees how we love each other, it takes notice of Jesus.

God is building His Church in this fallen world. Can a master builder build a house when the stones are all off site and disconnected to one another? We say we want to be the end time army, but we are AWOL.

If we are about our Father’s business, we do not need to worry about the devil’s business. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church. We are watching the gates of hell take territory because we left our duty stations. The darkness cannot overcome the light. The darkness has no power where we are present.

When I watch the world falling apart, I do not blame the world. I also do not blame the Church for not standing up against the world. But the Church is culpable for not being His Body in the world.

The single greatest act of defiance this world has ever seen happened on the cross at Calvary. No rebellion and no revolution has ever been as powerful and life changing as Christ’s crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. There is no force more powerful on this earth than Christ formed in us the hope of glory. Our work began the day Jesus work was finished. He is not waiting for His Return; He is waiting for the unveiling of His Bride.


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