Breaking Free of Facebook is not real. It does not give us a real picture of real life. It is manufactured. It is an imitation of socializing. It provides a false sense of community. It provides a daily dose of drama. It can also provide amusement, social networking, and helpful information. But it often takes more than it gives.

Topics of great import fade away as quickly as a summer thunderstorm. They clamor for attention with mighty displays of hype and drama only to be replaced by the next storm unleashing its fury against our walls. One day it is threats of missiles from North Korea, the next day it is the war in the Ukraine, then it is the horrific acts of ISIS, then it is the sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood, then it is Cecil the Lion, then bathroom laws, then a Gorilla takes center stage for a few days. Now it’s Orlando and with it the hotly debated Second Amendment. As each matter demands our attention the last one fades into obscurity.

Did North Korea cease to be a viable threat? Did Putin stop advancing his troops? Did ISIS stop raiding villages? Did Planned Parenthood get defunded? Are there no other lions facing a hunter’s rifle? Are these issues that made it into our collective consciousness the most important matters of our day? Did we get closer to resolving them by our incessant chatter about them? Does anyone think differently about these topics than they did before we discussed them? Do we think any differently or have we found any solutions?

free-facebook-likes-1024x682What are we doing? Why are we doing this? Cultural change takes years of dedicated work. Ten thousand likes on a Facebook post never changed a nation. William Wilberforce changed a nation ending the slave trade. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed a nation. William Carey changed a nation. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. It takes not getting distracted by the issues that come and go.

The world is full of noble causes for which one can spend a life time working to make a difference. What we cannot do is join every cause that we hear about. That is what the devil wants. He wants to keep us busy and ineffective worrying about every issue in the news. Every tragic car accident, every shooting, abortion clinics, martyrs, persecuted believers, the slave trade, the war on drugs, our weak national borders, our weakened military, our educational system, our economy, our food, our medicines, and animals that are hunted and killed in Africa.

Stop! We are no good to anyone if we are worried about so many things. What if we used all the time we spend thinking about the latest crisis to hit Facebook on actually serving our neighbors? What if we put that time into reading a book and educating ourselves on something that will help make our world better? What if we took a class at a local college instead of spending hours on Facebook? What if we taught a class? What if we checked on a friend? What if we invited someone over for dinner?

Do a quick mental calculation of the time spent on social media and ask God what you can do with that time that will make a difference in our world. Maybe you don’t use Facebook, but you watch the news all day. What could you be doing with that time?

As soon as we think about it, we will also have thoughts assail us with all the reasons we cannot do whatever idea comes to mind. Ignore those thoughts because with God all things are possible. You may not be able to do the whole idea yet, but you can do one step toward it, or one aspect of it. What is that part that you can do? Move forward. Do it.

We can change our nation if we are willing to do it one small step at a time.


Note: Facebook is a useful tool for a great many things. I will post the link to this article on it. I will share about my new book via Facebook and other social media. It’s not a bad thing, but we can use it in ways that are harmful to ourselves and society. Let’s use it responsibly and not allow it to suck all our time and energy leaving us only with endless things to worry about.


BookMy book is available now in PRINT on Amazon and at for $15 and $14 respectively. It’s available as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple for their respective devices for $7.99. Click here to buy your copy on Amazon or here to find it for a different e-reader. Thank you for your support.

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