Why Are We All Arguing?

cookie-cutterIf we all thought the same way, we would be in trouble. When we are free to think for ourselves, we are free to think poorly as well as rightly. We are free to think sideways, backwards, or not at all. If we are not free to think worse, we are not free to think better.

When I watch debates raging across social media, I think we have all gone mad. We seldom debate to reach truth. We debate to dominate and stamp out the opposition. I’m free to share my opinion, but your opinion should not exist. This is proven when we are angry at someone for saying something we interpret as stupid.

We demonize “the other” by name calling. We apply labels that lumps everyone together. We believe we have made our point because we spotted and called out a liberal. Labeling a person as liberal does not mean you have won an argument. Otherwise, every liberal that identifies a conservative has won his argument. Seldom is anyone making arguments. Noise yes, arguments no.

Arguing is not the same thing as making an argument. We do not need to be sane to be arguing. But to make an argument, we need to know what we are talking about and how to talk about it clearly. To do so, requires knowing the arguments for and against our position. I am all for making good arguments.

We have a lot of listening to do before we ever begin to speak. We cannot assume why a person thinks the way he does. Nor can we assume that we know how he thinks because we pegged him when he opened his mouth. It’s possible the person does not know why he thinks a certain way. It is very likely we do not know why we think the way we do.

When we listen to how others think, we learn a lot about how we think. I love it when the people around me think differently than I. It someonewrongoninternetmeans I get to learn from them. True humility will lead us to question ourselves more than we question our neighbor or the stranger we are debating on-line.

Being a Christian does not mean that I see the world better than an atheist. Just because I know the Roman Road, does not mean I know how to run a city or a nation. The Bible built the western world. But it did not do so with our modern theology. We have restrained our theology to matters of salvation and morality.

We do not have a voice in the world, because we have lost our way. We blame the world for losing their way, but it is us who are the negligent ones. Not because we didn’t stand against the world earlier, but because we haven’t stood in the world. We left it to itself and now blame it for being itself.

It’s easy to sit on our couch and know how the world ought to run. Our idealism does not meet the real world from the confines of our home. The real world is messy. It’s hurting. It’s broken. It’s crying out for help.

The only way to keep our hearts clean is to get our hands dirty. Sit with sinners. Buy someone lunch that thinks differently than you and listen. Bless a manager of a business who is under fire for taking an unpopular social stand especially if you disagree with them. Love unexpectedly and undeservedly, Jesus always does.


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