Thinking about Donald Trump

downloadDonald Trump invokes a plethora of different responses from the public. I believe one could write a good article on why Donald Trump should not be elected President. I also believe one could write a good article on why he should be elected President. This article is neither. I am writing this article because of the lack of thought behind almost every post I read where Trump is concerned. (There are a few great voices making some great points for or against Trump).

Most of what I see are emotional responses to articles or videos which are designed specifically to illicit a negative response. Two minute videos are only to invoke the response the editor wants it to invoke. It is not designed to give you something to think about, but to tell you what you should think. No one can get real knowledge about someone without taking the time and effort to watch entire speeches or by reading a good deal of the person’s own writing.

This is not to say that we ought to believe everything a person says. But that is where we start in coming to an understanding of a candidate. Then undertake fact checking and comparison with other candidates. Many people will not want to do things this way, and will want someone else to do this for them. In those situations, find someone you trust that has done this sort of research and pick their brain rather than believing all the short videos and headlines that you scroll past.

Christians are mistaking a man who has not spent his life in Christian circles as someone who should look and act like a good Christian because he professes to be one. It is more accurate to see a business man who is not afraid of claiming to be a Christian even though that life is truly foreign to him.

One could make the argument that it would be better to have a Christian like Ben Carson in the White House, but let us not make illogical arguments that try to fit Trump in a Christian category and then fault him for not fitting such a category. What we are looking at is a man who is friendly to Christianity and not a man who one would install as a Pastor of a local church.

Personally, I want a candidate worth of being a Founding Father type of President with great moral character, astute knowledge of the Constitution, and a willingness to sacrifice his own candidacy for the good of the nation.  We do not have a nation that produces men like this who also have the ability to rise to such an office. It is symptomatic of our culture to have the choices we have before us for President.

Just the same, we are seeing an amazing increase in political interest. Each of the candidates are creating interest in a way that brings health to the whole nation. People are beginning to care who will be the next President and that is a good thing.

However, I am more concerned with how we think, than who we vote for. I do not seek to create or lose votes for Donald Trump. I only wish to encourage Americans to think well and make informed decisions instead of mindlessly agreeing with every post that wants your attention.

I have seen posts about Trump run the gamut of responses. It is not possible for one man to be all that he is accused of being without some sort of anointing to lead. Some claim that the only Christian votes he could get are from those who are not church going Christians. Others claim only Christians would vote for him. Still others claim that no real Christian would vote for him. Then you have those who claim Christians are only voting for him because they are afraid of Hilary Clinton winning if they do not. And then there are those that claim that he is getting votes because people are tired of the establishment and want to try something different.

It is quite astounding how many conflicting opinions are raging on the internet about Trump and yet he is still the front runner leading up to Super Tuesday.

I want to encourage voters to ignore short video clips, Facebook posts, and tweets that tell them what was said in an interview or debate. If you did not see the interview or debate do not accept a whittled down soundbite to inform your thinking.

I watched an interview of Trump and Cruz this morning. Then on Twitter I saw tweets summarizing the interviews. The tweets were not in line with what was said. I see this all the time. I watch the full length video and then I see a clip with a headline telling the viewer what to hear in the clip and, alas, the viewer believes the headline.

G.K. Chesteron wrote that truth is always a half hour behind fiction and no one knows when it will catch up. I’m tired of truth being waylaid because we would rather be informed in sound bites than to do our homework. The thing is this is not about mainstream media, this is just as much about conservative and Christian media as well as your everyday blogger. I don’t care what the on-line media is doing, I care what we are doing with what they are doing.

2016-presidential-primary-debatesLastly, if whatever we are watching, listening to, or reading, does not have the hallmarks of truth, which are substance, life, healthy perspective, and good research, then we must do our part to ignore it.
I hope everyone will become informed about what each candidate will bring to the Presidency and then get out and vote on March 1, 2016 for Super Tuesday.


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