Worldview for Discipling Nations

Jesus stood before Pontius Pilot awaiting the verdict that would result in his crucifixion. In a moment of great irony, Pilot asks rhetorically, “what is truth?” Christians are in the business of truth, and yet we often communicate similar confusion.

Our answers are varied, but they often carry the certainty of religious fervor. We may proclaim the truth to be the written Word of God, or we may assert that Jesus is the Truth. Some will give weaker responses such as, “the truth is our faith” or, “it is what we believe it to be.” These answers fall by the wayside, but are popular responses to the question. The accurate responses reference the truth of the Bible or the personified truth of Jesus.

Just the same, we often confuse the Bible with the Lord. The Bible, while true, is not The Truth for that title only belongs to Jesus. The Bible is true and carries a living weight of God’s truth, but it is not a substitute for Jesus. Nor is it a substitute for the Holy Spirit who leads us in all truth.

Harvard_Wreath_Logo_1.svgHowever, God has also hidden his truth in the book of his works, the earth. The early American universities were designed for students to study God’s Word and His Works. It held both as a means to discover the truth about life. Science, biology, chemistry, history, logic, art, etc. all contain God’s truth.

When the Church left all of these disciplines to the “secular” sphere they became immersed in secularism rather than in Christianity. Instead of baptizing them in the truth of God as we were commissioned to do, we let them drift into all the philosophies of the world. What was birthed by Christianity became divorced from Christianity, and then despised as a product of the world.

bible-vs-scienceNow we pit the Bible against the natural sciences even though the sciences would not have developed apart from a Christianized culture. Only in Christianity do we have a real nature that can be studied systematically. The scientific method could not have developed out of another worldview.

If we want to pursue a Christian worldview, we need to pursue truth wherever it is found. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of Kings to search it out.[1] There is no secular when it comes to learning truth. God created the world and everything in it, thus every area of learning falls under His jurisdiction.

When we consider the Bible as the only place to discover truth about the world, we limit God’s truth to only what He has written, and exclude all that He has made. Doctrine is only established by what He has written, but studying what He has made is just as essential to living in the truth.

Truth, by definition, is that which is. The greatest embodiment of that is Jesus, the perfect representation of I AM. However, through Christ, the Father made all of creation. All that is an accurate assessment of the reality of creation is that which is true. True art is a representation of true reality. True science is the accurate assimilation and presentation of what is real. True history is aligned to the most factual events of the past. Thus to study medicine, botany, linguistics, logic, chemistry, mathematics, etc. is to discover truth about reality, and apply that truth in a manner in which best serves humanity.

We cripple our contribution to society when we only study the Bible for truth. We cannot leave the truth in every other discipline to the mercy of every other worldview on the planet, but Christianity. We have no grounds to criticize anyone for their results being unbiblical when we fail to produce influential studies of our own in all the scholarly fields of inquiry.

We tell ourselves none of that mattes because Jesus is coming back to remove us from this world. But He told us to disciple the nations, and we left the nations to disciple themselves while we concern ourselves with the harvest of souls. We can harvest any field we sow into, why do we limit our harvest to a spiritual harvest of souls? Might we not reap a greater harvest of souls if we truly discipled the nations in all truth, and not just the truth of how to get saved?

Jesus said we are to baptize all the nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You do not dunk nations in water; you immerse them in the truth of the Godhead. Thus, when we are developing our worldview let us expand it large enough to make room for all of God’s truth.

[1] Proverbs 25:2

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