Testing the Christian Worldview

surveyA number of years ago a survey floated around the internet that professed to tell you if you had a Christian Worldview. It contained some doctrinal questions one would consider mere Christianity, but it also provided many questions of a political nature. To acquire the highest score, one would need to be a mainstream American Christian evangelical conservative Republican. At the time, I achieved a high score.

If the Christian worldview could really be assessed by a few dozen questions, discipleship could be measured by Christian SOL’s. Do not start sharpening your number two pencils. The Christian Worldview is not a set of polarized political views owned by evangelical American Christians. When we make political views the litmus test for the Christian worldview we cripple the power of the cross by politicizing it.

Only from outside of politics can Jesus cure the issues of politics. Notice I did not say only from outside of government.  There is a difference between Christians serving in government and Christians being political. We can also be involved in what is called “politics” without being political. To do so, we will be more concerned about solving problems than taking sides. Christians need not care whether people label them a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative. The Christian will be different from the party politics of both parties. The answer has never been a political position, but a perfect Person.

politicsThe Christian worldview is not confined to a political party, denomination, geography, nation, people group, culture, or period of time. We are in danger of unhealthy thinking anytime we receive information only from our own age demographic, nation, news source, or political party.

The Bible says that we have the mind of Christ. Not I, alone, but we. A group of people who all answer the same test the same way is not a “we” but an “I.” The Christian worldview does not work that way. It is not exclusive of any thinking that is not part of your group affiliation. It makes a place for the whole body of Christ. It includes the young and the old, both of today and throughout the entire history of the Church. It includes Christians from every denomination, and every political party from every nation.

Truth is not one dimensional. It is not simply facts, though it includes facts. It is not simply experience, but it includes experience. It is thicker than both of these things. Truth is the reality of Jesus applied to the problem set before us. There is not only one way to apply Jesus to a situation even though there is only one Jesus to apply. We have confused Jesus being the only way with our particular worldview being the only way. We all see in part, thus we need the other parts to see a clearer picture of the whole.

When we make a Christian Worldview something we can pass a test on, we relegate it to facts alone and remove our need to partner with the rest of the Body of Christ. The problems we face need all the creative thinkers the Kingdom has at its disposal. The creative thinkers will never pass the test: they will break the test.


The world needs creative Christian thinkers, not clones. I’ve grown weary of the Christian collective responding the same way with the same arguments or protests to every problem we face in this nation. If a great number of people thinking this way could have produced change, we would already have it. We want the world to be blamed for keeping us on the sidelines. However, I think we are on the sidelines because we haven’t produced coherent answers to the world’s problems. We tell them they are doing it wrong, but we are not doing it at all. Until we become the solution we will only be people pointing at the problem.

It’s time to expand our worldview. Surround yourself with Christians who think differently than you always have. Listen to them. Learn from them. Read a book written over two hundred years ago. Listen to a teaching by a Christian who is saying something different. Look for the lone voice crying in the wilderness. Go after truth. Look for it in unexpected places. Seek it out tenaciously and do not stop, for you will never find all of it in this lifetime.

Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. It takes the Spirit of God to help us receive, experience, and release truth. It takes the Body of Christ to know the mind of Christ. We can neither be lone sheep nor cloned sheep, but a flock of sheep. Together, with the mind of Christ, we can change the course of history.

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