In Search for Another World?

AliceAlice stepped through the looking glass. The Pevensie children walked through the wardrobe. Wendy and her brothers leapt out the window. Each found a wondrous world awaiting their discovery.

What if it is that easy? Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. He did not provide another world to escape to, but another world to abide within. Instead of leaving our world for Narnia, we get to bring Narnia to our world. We do not have to drink a potion or find an old magic wardrobe; we simply have to find Jesus.

Then together with the Holy Spirit we start our own adventure. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. This means we have the Kingdom when we have the Holy Spirit.

It is like we take a paint brush and apply righteousness, peace, and joy to the world we live in. We bring peace to our environment, because Prince of Peace lives inside us. We bring joy to our world, because joy is a fruit of the Spirit and a reality of the Kingdom.

Our righteousness is infectious. When we live out of our right standing with God it shapes the world around us for the better. We respond with kindness instead of harshness. We love instead of hate. We have compassion instead of disdain. We show mercy. We love.PeterPan

Everything we need is in King Jesus. As the King, He has the perfect domain – King-dom. He is the Door to that Kingdom. When we enter Him we enter an entire new reality. Lots of Christians stand just inside the Door excited to be admitted, but never realizing the expansive realm they stand within. The greatest saint who ever lived did not explore the entire Kingdom in his or her lifetime. Such a feat is impossible.

Together as the Body of Christ we can explore all the good things of the Kingdom and make them visible to the world by walking in them. Every time we heal the sick, or speak the words of God, or give to the poor we demonstrate the Kingdom on earth. When we love our enemies, or do good to those who do evil to us, or give mercy to the unmerciful we show people a picture of heaven. Sometimes our fairy-tales are a bit more real than we think.

Romans 14: 17 “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. . . “

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