Overcoming Strongholds: The Path to Freedom

Horse-Sunset-Freedom-900x1440Own your issues, but don’t adopt them. Often we usurp our path to mastery over our issues because we adopt them as extensions of ourselves. When we own our issues we take responsibility for them in order to overcome their place in our lives. When we adopt our issues we grant them a place to take up residence.

One powerful tool we utilize to adopt our issues is to name them. We may give them the name of a disorder or agree with the counsellor or doctor who named our disorder. Now we have expert opinion that the issue is a part of our identity. It is difficult not to align with the experts. It is much easier to adopt the issue and learn how to manage it rather than how to master it. Sometimes we name them a personality quirk. Or perhaps we grant it genetic status, “it runs in the family.” Or we may link it to gender or age. Each time we give it a reason to be in our life, we adopt it as our own pet issue.

Now that our issue has a name, we can protect it. It’s the endangered species that everyone wants to poach. Our job is to protect it, and by protecting it, we increase its power over our lives. We research it to justify its presence in our lives. We search the family tree, we consult the experts, and we find every article that validates it. We poll public opinion. We form a support group.

Spiritually all this behavior strengthens the walls around the lie we believe about ourselves. It reinforces the stronghold. If anyone broaches the subject the alarm bells go off. The rescue squad is called in and the self-protection force expels the intruder away from the issue. We are likely to react, retreat, lash out, or mentally consult our library of research to reinforce our position.

Sometimes our “issue” was never an issue at all. Sometimes it is something good that lies distorted into something out of proportion to our true identity. The lies mounted and the thing became something it was not and we began to protect its extreme version instead of admitting we may have become unbalanced. Every lie is a corruption of the truth. We do not want to protect the lie by valuing the partial truth over the whole truth.

As Christians we are new creations that align with the truth of God over our lives and not family history, disorders, expert opinion, and on-line research. We do not need to gather a mountain of natural evidence to adopt our issues; instead we can take responsibility for our issues and overcome them. We can give those problem areas in our lives over to God to let Him heal them.

None of us are too young or too old to have mastery over the junk in our lives. None of us are too female or too male to behave like Jesus. None of us have too many generational issues to overcome them. Jesus sets us all free to be who we really are in Christ.

Jesus does not bring us under any condemnation for our issues. Any condemnation is self-imposed or a product of the enemy. Self-loathing and condemnation are tactics of the enemy to keep us bound to our issues. It robs us of the power to be set free. We look at our named issue and we hate that it is in our life and yet even our condemnation of it keeps us chained to it.

Repentance is the path to freedom. We know that it is the truth that sets us free. However, we forget that it is the lies that keep us bound. The truth that sets us free will cost us everything that keeps us bound. When we think on the truth, and not the lie we have to let the lie go to apprehend the truth. We let it go by choosing the truth. We do not rid ourselves of strife by merely denouncing strife; we do it by embracing peace. We change the way we think. We receive the truth, and the truth overcomes the lie. It breaks down the stronghold and removes the lie. Instead of adopting the issue, we adopt the truth and it displaces the issue. Instead of doing our homework on our issues, let’s behold His truth and give it a place in our lives.

John 8:31-32 “Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

4 thoughts on “Overcoming Strongholds: The Path to Freedom

  • I love this post ! I am not really religious, but growing up in a religious home has left me with a lot of the similar values. I completely agree that we need to own our issues instead of becoming them and how people may mistreat their issues because it is foreign to society norms. People are just different. I think a lot of time as humans we struggle to accept differences that other carry and pin them to a title because of that. And then the victim believes that they are the title that was pinned on them and start to become their problems. I have no idea how much sense my comment made to you or anyone else reading, but I am just excited with how much I connected with this post.

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    • Thank you for your comment and for following my blog. Your comment does make sense and I like the line about people becoming their problems. If you tell a child they have a problem with sitting still the child won’t know that they can indeed sit still. They become the child that can’t sit still.

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