Turn on the Light

Jesus did not come to fight the world, but to die for it. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. He fought sin and death, by becoming sin and dying to seal both into his grave. He did not come to bring condemnation to the world, but to love the world and set it free unto eternal life.

Jesus did not come to give us a happy afterlife. He came to give us the abundant life. In His Resurrection, Jesus gave the world the gift of Himself and consequently His World so that this world could be transformed accordingly. He then gave the Holy Spirit to empower us to do the work requisite to discipling nations. Our mission, the Great Commission, is to make earth look like heaven.

We are on a mission

We each do this by doing our specific part. Each local body of believers has a mission and each person in each body has a mission that will have some connection to the larger mission of the church. The Body of Christ, or The Church, is made up of these smaller communities, full of various parts and joints within the body. Being thus organized, we move as one body even though we are tasked to different parts of the same Commission.

How the enemy derails us

One tactic the enemy uses to derail us from our mission is to preoccupy us with the demonstrations of his mission. We become enamored with the power of the enemy instead of the power of the Lord. We become obsessed by the problem. Confronting the problems is our aim. Then we either lament its growing existence ad nauseam, or we talk about launching assaults at it. A few will implement assaults that often lack the power or insight to hit anything relevant to the problem. These few then spin their failure as a result of how massive the problem is and how we need more people with more money to fuel future success. There is another way.

The Kingdom advances in all climates

We do not need the world’s permission to be Christians. As Americans, we are privileged to have the freedom to openly share our faith. We have not lost this even though Christian newspapers would have you believe we have. Just the same, the Kingdom of God works in any nation no matter how oppressive its government is. The weapons of this Kingdom are to love our neighbors as ourselves, doing unto others as we would have them do to us, blessing those who persecute us, and doing good to those who do us wrong. These weapons also include being respectful of those in authority. When we live out the ways of Jesus we change the atmosphere in our homes, places of employment, cities, and nations.

When we are doing it well we are likely to face persecution. The darker the environment the greater the persecution can become. But we continue to persevere loving those who are being used by the enemy to make life difficult for us. We look for ways to bless and not curse.

Speaking blessings not curses

What if we spoke prophetic destiny over our President? What if we prayed for President Obama to hear the Lord clearly each day in every decision he needs to make. What if we stopped cursing him with our words? The amount of spiritual battle that is going on in the atmosphere that affects his life is enormous. How much are we contributing to his inability to think well when we curse him for his every action?

Being a voice of truth

This is not advocacy for silence. Though we do well to remember the advice Thumper was given “If you can’t say Bambi-and-Thumper-BFFS-3-renesmee_08-30197731-1024-768something nice, don’t say anything at all.” There is power in our words and we need to be providing healthy perspectives on the challenging issues we face as a nation. There is a place for severity in our speech. But let’s use it to tear down strong holds, not people. Our weapons are not for flesh and blood, but for the powers of darkness that set themselves up to bind those of flesh and blood. Our job is to set the captives free, not to join with the forces that bind them.

Living from victory

We say our only hope is Jesus, but He is rooting on us to take our places as sons and daughters and extend His Kingdom that He put inside us. Will we be champions of His Kingdom or victims of this world? Remember, only we can make ourselves victims of this world. But if we choose to live from victory we can love like no other.

The fastest way to dispel the darkness is to turn on the Light. It does not matter how dark the darkness is for a little flame will go a long way to give light. The more light the less darkness. Darkness can never stop being dark without the light. It cannot do it. It does not matter how much we plead and prod darkness will not move out of the way unless the light is present. Only light can prevail, let’s start looking like the Light so we can truly light up the world.


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