Step on My Toes

step-on-toesPreachers often proclaim that they may be stepping on some toes today, and that if our toes are getting stepped on to move them out of the way. Perhaps it would be more advantageous to sacrifice our toes to a little pain.

If our feet are firmly planted in the truth, then our feet need not move when challenged. If we are feeling discomfort or outright pain we should welcome it so that we can uproot our feet and plant them into the truth. If what we are hearing is not truth, then it should have no adverse effect upon us. If we shift to avoid the pain, we likewise make the adjustment to guard our hearts against the truth. Instead of assimilating truth into our data bank of knowledge, let’s let it hit us square in the chest. Let’s let it land on our toes.

Repentance is changing the way we think to line up with the truth. We have a tendency to change the truth we are hearing to line up with our way of thinking. This way we feel no discomfort. Truth always requires a change on our part. There is always a deeper way we can understand it and apply it.

Believers have a greater responsibility to conform to the truth than unbelievers. For believers, it is a daily lifestyle. When we believe that repentance is reserved for acts of sin, we miss out on a vital aspect of our faith. We can always know truth to a greater degree than we already do. When we grow in knowledge of the truth, we change, as a person, from who we were yesterday to who we are today.

Feet that are firmly planted in the truth are always course correcting. The deeper we go into Jesus the more our feet have to adjust. If we want to remain at the level we are at in Christ, we can certainly move our toes out of the way, but if we want to grow let’s be certain that they are regularly stepped upon.

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