How To Apply Truth

I find it more beneficial for people to disagree with truth than to too quickly agree with it. When we agree hastily with something we did not previously believe it has little impact on our lives. When we disagree first, we are more likely to go through the process of considering a new idea thoroughly before deciding what to do with it. Truth often offends the mind before changing the heart. In so doing, we use discernment to determine if we disagree because we find the idea too difficult to choose, or because it isn’t truth at all. What we must not do is accept it without thinking. When we do that, it has little affect upon us, and it becomes a useless fact that makes no difference as to what we think about it.

Truth is often rejected before being properly valued. Jesus is the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected. When we choose Jesus, we choose all that our old nature rejects. We journey into a new way of life constantly facing what we would previously reject and choosing it.

Anointing Aides Repentance  

There are times when we have precious moments of clarity where truth is received in full repentance. To repent means changing the way you think. The transformative power of truth, spoken in the anointing, can communicate to the heart in a manner that sets it free. The shackles are released for the truth has brought freedom. This freedom can be fleeting if we do not consciously choose to walk it out. People can be set free in a moment and continue to live as if they are still bound.

Avoiding Hostage Situations

Truth has to be consciously applied. We are to take every thought captive and make it obedient to the truth. Our thoughts will take us captive, if we do not take them captive. The renewing of our minds prevents hostage situations. The world believes man is a product of his physical, chemical, and emotional make up. Atheist Richard Dawkins professes that “we dance to our DNA.”  The Bible teaches us that we are a spirit that has a body. Consequently, we can tell our mind how to think and our body what to do.

Finding a Culture of Truth

Sustained freedom often requires a culture of truth. We need a community of people living in the truth to aid in our continued freedom. A culture is created anywhere that truth is established in the belief system and correspondingly in the practical life choices of the group. A culture that sustains healing the sick looks like a faith filled community that practices healing the sick as a normal part of life. A culture of honor looks like a group of people who believe in the dignity of each person regardless of their behavior and strives to treat people honorably.

Handle With Care

It’s important to handle truth with care. Don’t be too quick to assimilate it into your knowledge reservoir. Truth is not facts to file away like computer data. If a concept is real and true it matters to how we live squirrels-wallpaperour lives. It can’t be left as mere factual knowledge. Consider how a squirrel turns a nut over in its paws. It appears to evaluate it before it stores it for consumption. Then it digs a hole in which to store it.  If an idea is new, consider what believing it will mean. What will it cost to apply it to your life? We often profess we already do whatever is being taught, or we find the place to fit it where it does not require any change on our part.

Final Thoughts

What if we turned it over in our minds, held it before the Lord, examined how it may change our way of living and thinking and then consciously chose to apply it day by day until it is transformative? What if we produce fruit of a truth lived out? Repentance does not end at salvation. Repentance begins at salvation and is part and parcel of the Christian life.

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