Occupying Your Own Life

Mobile Phone -- iphone -- Aug 2012 110Excess without purpose becomes waste. We have all experienced this. Whether it’s extra money, space, time, relationships, or land, if it is not purposed for something intentionally it becomes a magnet for whatever comes along to fill it or take it.


This principle often happens with money when a person receives extra monthly income. The problem begins when this extra income is not purposed for anything in particular. The hope is that ends will meet better just because the extra is there. In no time at all, the extra is swallowed up and we hope for another raise or bonus to come along to rescue us from our financial woes.


It’s a great practice to clear out old clutter and get one’s home in order. However, a newly cleared space is a powerful magnet drawing stuff from everywhere to fill it. This is an easy thing to experiment with. Clear out an old closet or a shelf in the kitchen and watch how fast it finds new stuff. Try again and clear it out with a plan of what you purpose to fill that space. Then you are far more likely to succeed in maintaining it for the reason you purposed it for.


Time works the same as the above examples. When we have a new opening in our time it can also become a vortex for things we never intended. Maybe we changed from a full-time job to a part-time job, and after a few weeks of extra time in our week we find ourselves entangled in new projects and responsibilities that are weighing us down with more work than our full-time job. We wonder how in the world we got into such a bind. The reason is that the new time was not purposed for something particular, or if it was, it wasn’t intentionally managed for that something.


Space can be created by a loss of a relationship for whatever reason. If someone once occupied relational space in your life, but now they are absent, a hole can be left for a new relationship to fill it. This can be healthy or unhealthy. Many people leave unhealthy relationships only to fill that void with another toxic relationship. In a healthy situation it may be just the right thing to fill that void with a new relationship, but we do that knowing what we are doing, rather than just letting someone happen to us.


Christians are notorious for leaving land unoccupied. We have pulled our presence out of most spheres of society and allowed the land to be managed by everything else that fills the void. Jesus said that we are to occupy until He comes. Occupation is the path to possession. We have to be in the land to be possessors of the land. The Kingdom of God in us only affects that which we occupy. We cannot hide and throw Kingdom arrows into the enemies’ territory and expect them to vacate and give us their land.

Industries, Organizations, and Culture

Just like with physical land, Christians are called to be salt and light everywhere we go. When we see our work as merely a way to make money for our family, we essential leave that place open to others who will disciple according to their value system. The magnet begins and what should be your role is abdicated to another with greater purpose and drive to influence the organization or industry. What a believer could have accomplished by serving the organization is filled by someone seeking their own ends and agenda. We see this constantly in the world as people rise to influence and then Christians get upset that they are influencing people away from truth and Christian values. Someone will fill the vacuum.

It starts small. It starts in our own sphere of influence in our own work environment or place of influence. When we are doing our job on purpose and serving our company over and beyond it being a pay check to support our needs or the needs of our family, we fill the void. For the believer, nothing we do is just about us and our needs.

Kingdom occupation

When Jesus sent out His disciples to heal the sick, cleanse lepers, and raise the dead, He said He saw Satan fall like lightning as a result of their demonstration of the Kingdom. The only way to push out the darkness in a physical place or organization is to be salt and light in the land or industry, rather than from a safe zone outside of it.

In all of these areas of life discussed above, we will achieve a healthy filling of the space created in our lives by occupying that space purposefully. We are not victims of the world around us. We make powerful choices about what we will do with what we have, and doing that expands our resources. Making good use of our time, gives us more time. When we put our money to good use, we will see increase. When we occupy our field or land, we will grow in influence.

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